Your Personal History

A lot of people seem confused when I use the term "Personal History", so I thought I'd discuss it a little more in-depth. I did write a little something about it back in August, but as I move forward with my business, I am finding out just how important this type of work is to me. 

A "Personal History" is a memoir or biography. The best ones are written by the people themselves. Another person might remember some of your life's stories, but they'll never be able to tell it according to your perspective.


LDS folks have been encouraged to create a Personal History compilation , in connection with and yet separate from our work with Family History.

It is my opinion that everyone should leave a legacy, according to their own words and containing their views, their loves, and their advice. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

I have been recording Personal Histories as a part of my videography business for a year now, and I have recently decided that THESE VIDEOS ARE MY FAVORITE. I love hearing how people conquered their demons, embraced the good, and found their truth and I have found that I am good at what I do--prepare, organize, plan, and interview amazing people. 

If you're thinking "I am young, I don't need to worry about that yet." Think again! What about your parents or grandparents? Is there some way you can help them record their legacy? Plus their are tons of ways you can get started with keeping a record today, so that you've got everything ready when the time comes! Look to a future post on that one ;)