A Different Kind of Christmas Card

I LOVE Christmas cards!  I love receiving then and I love sending them. Sending cards this time of year is a wonderful way to let faraway friends and family know you love them.  

There's just one problem.  I am TERRIBLE at getting then sent.  The jig is just about up for this year,  and I'm still planning on a mad rush to the post office tomorrow,  but I think you'll like the alternative I'm offering.  

Say it with me.  VIDEO CHRISTMAS CARDS. They're everything a Christmas card should be; witty and sweet with a beautiful "picture" attached.  Check out the Gilbert's video Christmas card below.   

The best part is there's no stressful post office visit or forgotten envelopes found in July.  I'll come film for an hour,  take 48 hrs to edit and send you a link to share with family and friends.  Post on social media,  send via private message, out create a private Youtube group.  I have availability December 16-21. Packages are $150 and include an over-the-phone consult and 1 hr recording session with professional editing. Contact me via email by jumping over to the contact page.