Moms Matter

As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think about the stories that are not being told! 

Mom's are often the hardest people to convince to do their Personal History, despite having such powerful stories to tell. I am often told by Moms that their life "wasn't that interesting" or that "no one wants to hear" their story.

 They are so so wrong,  (hey Mom, Grandma, I want to hear your story!), and not just because you and I want to know how the heck they survived out teen years, but because their perspective is largely undocumented. How many specials have you watched about World War II where they extensively interviewed the Moms who were left home, or the little girls who went out and picked up aluminum cans to help the war effort?

 Was your Mom one of the first women to enter the  workforce? What light can she shed on the way things used to be? Maybe your Grandma knows the secret to running a household efficiently, or has a really interesting take on the advent on computers.

My husband's Grandma Vivian pictured below? Yeah she was a total rockstar! She helped run a 200 cow dairy farm with a baby on her hip - plus the 5 other ones running around! I love hearing Grandpa Adams talking about her taking a stand about his race car driving, I love and admire her so much and it is so empowering to hear about how real and hard and wonderful their marriage was.

Do your Mom and your Grandma a favor, heck, do the world a favor and insist they start recording their history one way or another. Can you even imagine having that kind of perspective to add to what we learn in textbooks?! 

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