I Tell Stories

If you compare my work to other videographers, you might notice that they are content heavy. There might be voice over, or a sense of movement. Look for elements which reappear to help viewers make connections, for a building emotion, climax, resolution. These are my tells. 

I am an avid reader and a lover of story. I used to spend hours at my little desk, writing my own stories. I LOVED English and Composition classes.

When I got to college I thought I wanted to be a print journalist. I applied for the school newspaper, Ke ' Alakai , where I was a staff writer and then an editor. My senior year my advisor asked me if I would take up a position as the Editor-in-Chief of Multimedia. It was a new position. The newspaper was delving into adding videos and honing our website. 

I took the position right before Christmas Break and spent the entire two week break in front of a gigantic Mac desktop, playing around with FinalCut. I learned just enough to start bossing other people around and got right back to what interested me most...telling the story.

I've had several years and media related jobs since then. These were years of harboring the quiet anxiety that I was giving up my true passion

I have realized since, that learning the technical skills involved with videography hasn't stopped me from writing. It never will. Every video I make is a carefully crafted story. I am simply using a fancier pen.