Help Them Tell Their Story

 I am a lover of fiction and fantasy. I am a huge LOTR nerd, I've read the trilogy 11 times! I have always loved to write and imagine and tell stories.  I longed to live in those wonderful worlds with magic and adventure and romance. 

Reality's daily grind wears on me, and not too long a go I found myself despairing.  "The fact is, " I thought"I will never see something truly magical , nor do something with monumental impact. Real life is simple not a fairy tale."

I was wrong.

People do amazing things, beautiful moments occur daily, and everyone has a story. I have been privileged to record some shocking , hilarious, moving  and powerful stories. Everyday people who I thought I knew well teach me , uplift me, and captivate me. 

My little sister Aimee sharing a precious moment with our "Grandma-by-the-beach"

My little sister Aimee sharing a precious moment with our "Grandma-by-the-beach"

It is often easy to make assumptions about a grandparent or family friend.  You've known them your whole life and you think you've heard it all. You haven't. You haven't known them for their whole life.

Perhaps it's cliche to tell you to cherish your elderly loved ones. I'm sure you've heard it a million times. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Cherish them and cherish their stories.

Justin's Grandpa Adams shares stories, jokes, and his thoughts on family. 1:58 is where he shares about old school race car driving. 6:14 for his thoughts on family.

My life has been enriched by both the stories I've recorded and the ones someone else recorded for me to read.  I have come to realize that true stories are the best of all. I am so happy I get to help people tell their stories and share the wisdom that really only comes with age. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help your loved ones do the same. 

Because their story is worth telling.