CTR Construction Timelapse

This video was hands down the MOST FUN video I've ever created. From chatting with CTR's amazing construction pros, to playing around with advanced time remapping this project was a blast!

I've been dying to work hyperlapse into a marketing video and so I convinced Steve Carson of CTR Construction to give it a try. This video was a BEAST to complete as it involved several 5+ hour filming sessions and some major dedication to post-production, all for just 4 minutes of video!

It was so worth it though because I am in love with the final product. You get to see a sort of timeline of the whole construction and the expertise of the CTR crew. They did an amazing job, like seriously guys I can't wait to have them customize my home someday. 

One of the things I loved about making this video was the unique opportunity it gave me to stretch myself creatively. Not every client would be down for rock music and 3D Motion transitions but I knew Steve was all in. I'd say his open-mindedness has resulted in a video that reflects both his teams professionalism and his unique style! Check it out! Don't forget to make sure your Youtube settings are set to 720p or 1080p for the best quality.

Learn more about CTR Construction at ctrconstruction.com