Camping at Dead Horse

I recently recommended our favorite campsite to my friend Louise over at Travel the Unbeaten Path, and couldn't stop thinking about how fun our March camping trip was, so of course I decided to put together a little video. I used some time remapping as well as simple slicing and speed increases for the hyper-lapsed portions, and threw in some photos of the amenities and animal life. 

There were a lot of good things about Dead Horse State Ranch Park. I loved that it has a cooler climate than Phoenix, but that it still had an open desert feel to it. The campground was quiet and peaceful with clean bathrooms. The site itself has a creek running through it, along with several man made fishing lakes and quite a few miles of trails. There were tons of spectacular birds near the fishing lakes, we even saw a bald eagle! (Check it out in the video) We stayed three days and hardly left the campsite itself. 

Dead Horse is also very close to Jerome, the famous Arizona ghost town, and several important Native American sites. I believe you can actually hike your way from the campground to the Tuzigoot National monument. 

Cottonwood itself wasn't super exciting, but we didn't mind because we were there to camp! After camping we packed up and headed to Sedona for the night. It was only a half hour drive from Dead Horse and made for a fantastic spring break. Shoutout to my husband for doing the dirty work involved with those amazing timelapses! (Mom's + cranky camping babies= not wanting to wake up at dawn) 

P.S. Reusing Clair de Lune because it's a!