Meet Our Photography Partners

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite photographers because of their incredible artistry. Each of our photographers owns their own company , independent of Stories Told Media, and we’ve come together to offer you a truly incredible Full Service experience like no other. What do you get when you combine beautifully captured video with incredibly artistic photography? The full services Photo & Video package you’ve been looking for.


Amanda snider

Amanda Snider is a seasoned wedding and lifestyle photographer who loves to capture candid moments. She has an incredible knack for making her clients comfortable as she leads them confidently through a shoot, whilst her polished style speaks for itself.

Check out more of Amanda’s work here.


Hannah Adams

Sweet as can be and astoundingly professional, Hannah Adams finds beauty in everyday moments. She uses her eye for color to create truly moving images.

Check out more of Hannah’s work here.


Jaden Sonive

Jaden’s dark and moody style has his clients swooning. Bold and upbeat, each of his images feel like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Check out more of Jaden’s work here.