Media for Mom Monday : Chore Chart

I'm the artist and owner behind Stories Told Media, but I am also a mom. Since I am immersed in the media world, I find myself creating all types of media for use in our home and with my kids.That's why I've dedicated Mondays to posting media I've recently created for personal use and making it available to you.

Whether it's a free printable or some shameless sharing of our latest family video, I hope Media for Moms is something you can enjoy each and every Monday. 

This Week

Chore Chart

   Henry has been really into video games lately. While I want to make sure and limit his screen time, I also think it's important to teach him why. I want him to learn to have fun in many different ways, and learn to balance the fun things in life so that nothing dominates or becomes too excessive.  

Balancing work and fun is huge too. For a child Henry's age though, play is his most important "work". This is why I included play time as a chore. Plus I wanted to teach him that chores are just things we should do, but that we should want to do. Thus, the chore chart was born. I snagged the images on Google and designed this free printable on 

Click the link below to  access the editable version.