Help Them Tell Their Story

 I am a lover of fiction and fantasy. I am a huge LOTR nerd, I've read the trilogy 11 times! I have always loved to write and imagine and tell stories.  I longed to live in those wonderful worlds with magic and adventure and romance. 

Reality's daily grind wears on me, and not too long a go I found myself despairing.  "The fact is, " I thought"I will never see something truly magical , nor do something with monumental impact. Real life is simple not a fairy tale."

I was wrong.

People do amazing things, beautiful moments occur daily, and everyone has a story. I have been privileged to record some shocking , hilarious, moving  and powerful stories. Everyday people who I thought I knew well teach me , uplift me, and captivate me. 

My little sister Aimee sharing a precious moment with our "Grandma-by-the-beach"

My little sister Aimee sharing a precious moment with our "Grandma-by-the-beach"

It is often easy to make assumptions about a grandparent or family friend.  You've known them your whole life and you think you've heard it all. You haven't. You haven't known them for their whole life.

Perhaps it's cliche to tell you to cherish your elderly loved ones. I'm sure you've heard it a million times. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Cherish them and cherish their stories.

Justin's Grandpa Adams shares stories, jokes, and his thoughts on family. 1:58 is where he shares about old school race car driving. 6:14 for his thoughts on family.

My life has been enriched by both the stories I've recorded and the ones someone else recorded for me to read.  I have come to realize that true stories are the best of all. I am so happy I get to help people tell their stories and share the wisdom that really only comes with age. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help your loved ones do the same. 

Because their story is worth telling. 


CTR Construction Timelapse

This video was hands down the MOST FUN video I've ever created. From chatting with CTR's amazing construction pros, to playing around with advanced time remapping this project was a blast!

I've been dying to work hyperlapse into a marketing video and so I convinced Steve Carson of CTR Construction to give it a try. This video was a BEAST to complete as it involved several 5+ hour filming sessions and some major dedication to post-production, all for just 4 minutes of video!

It was so worth it though because I am in love with the final product. You get to see a sort of timeline of the whole construction and the expertise of the CTR crew. They did an amazing job, like seriously guys I can't wait to have them customize my home someday. 

One of the things I loved about making this video was the unique opportunity it gave me to stretch myself creatively. Not every client would be down for rock music and 3D Motion transitions but I knew Steve was all in. I'd say his open-mindedness has resulted in a video that reflects both his teams professionalism and his unique style! Check it out! Don't forget to make sure your Youtube settings are set to 720p or 1080p for the best quality.

Learn more about CTR Construction at

Camping at Dead Horse

I recently recommended our favorite campsite to my friend Louise over at Travel the Unbeaten Path, and couldn't stop thinking about how fun our March camping trip was, so of course I decided to put together a little video. I used some time remapping as well as simple slicing and speed increases for the hyper-lapsed portions, and threw in some photos of the amenities and animal life. 

There were a lot of good things about Dead Horse State Ranch Park. I loved that it has a cooler climate than Phoenix, but that it still had an open desert feel to it. The campground was quiet and peaceful with clean bathrooms. The site itself has a creek running through it, along with several man made fishing lakes and quite a few miles of trails. There were tons of spectacular birds near the fishing lakes, we even saw a bald eagle! (Check it out in the video) We stayed three days and hardly left the campsite itself. 

Dead Horse is also very close to Jerome, the famous Arizona ghost town, and several important Native American sites. I believe you can actually hike your way from the campground to the Tuzigoot National monument. 

Cottonwood itself wasn't super exciting, but we didn't mind because we were there to camp! After camping we packed up and headed to Sedona for the night. It was only a half hour drive from Dead Horse and made for a fantastic spring break. Shoutout to my husband for doing the dirty work involved with those amazing timelapses! (Mom's + cranky camping babies= not wanting to wake up at dawn) 

P.S. Reusing Clair de Lune because it's a!

Pioneer Day Fun

It's that time of year again! Last year we were shocked at the turn out for our Stake Pioneer day celebration, I hadn't planned on taking video but I couldn't resist when I saw old-fashioned clothes and a pie eating contest! 

We missed the parade last year, so I am super excited to be a part of it this time around. Especially because this year's parade will involve a Guinness Book of World Records attempt! We will be trying for the most red wagons in a single parade! I don't want to spoil it, but Henry's wagon is going to be ADORABLE! Look for a future post with video.

Never heard of Pioneer Day? Well , in sum, it's an official holiday in Utah celebrating the entrance of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. It is also held as a special holiday by Latter-Day Saints as a celebration of their religious heritage. Basically it involves food, fireworks, and fun. Oh and occasionally Pioneer Clothes which is awesome!!

Disneyland for Days

We visited Disneyland during our Summer Vacation to Cali. I tried not to spend the whole time behind the lens, but I couldn't help taking a few shots here and there! Here are a few for your enjoyment.

Highlight Video: Gordon Wedding

I am so excited to present you with the finished product! My sister's wedding was gorgeous , albeit a little hectic for me personally.  Together, we decided to make the highlight video a little artsy, with her proverbially "recounting" their wedding story on the piano.

She begins with Clair de Lune, a song that has particular meaning to her. Aimee has always been very close to our Papa , and when she learned Clair de Lune in high school he told her it was his favorite song and that he would like her to play it at his funeral when his time came.  Our papa passed away last March. In order to help him be present with us, Aimee chose Clair de Lune for her Father-Daughter dance. The softness and beauty of the piece was simply too perfect not to include in the video. 

I had a blast getting just a little bit braver and more artistic with this video and I look forward to making each client's video a testament to their individual character just as I tried to do with this one!

Gordon Wedding : A Feat of Multitasking

I had the great pleasure of filming my little sister's wedding on Saturday, I am so excited to start the editing process!! I headed down to California on May 7th to help my sister and mom get everything together and film a little engagement interview to play at the guest table. We organized, cleaned, decorated, and partied. It was a ton of fun and it was TOTALLY EXHAUSTING. 

My husband is in a very rigorous Doctor of Physical Therapy program and was unable to come with me, so I got to be single parent, bridesmaid, and videographer all in one on wedding day. To say this was difficult does not even begin to describe it. I am thankful there were so many family members there to lend a hand!

Check out the engagement video below and look forward to a post with the WEDDING video in the next 10 days . 

Karl T. Brim Construction Project

I have had the great privilege of helping the Brim's establish an online presence. We started with developing content for their website which , while still in the works, is up an running! Their company specializes in horse property and I have LOVED visiting the gorgeous properties he's built on acreage. Check out some of the pictures I took for the website, and look to our next post for the stunning video including a tour of the Brim's own home.  Visit the site I worked on for them at!

Lehi Days Rodeo

We had the privilege of attending the Lehi Days rodeo in Mesa last weekend, and it was a blast! Our 15 month old , Henry, loved petting the animals in the petting zoo , taking his first pony ride, and participating in the "Chicken Chase" ( tiny baby chicks for the 2 yr. and under crowd ; it was A-DOR-ABLE!!)  Of course I took video of all of the above plus some highlight performances by some amazing riders. 


Valentine's Video Special : Just $50

Looking for a unique and timeless way to say "I Love You"? Tell your spouse why they matter on camera, add some memorable moments and beautiful visuals and you've got a gift that will last a lifetime. Profess it to the world via social media, or opt for a DVD copy and couple it with a quiet night in. Email Kelsey at to get started!