Media for Moms On Monday : Road Trip Playlist

Ok Ok so it's Tuesday but, you're all moms right, so you get it...


I'm the artist and owner behind Stories Told Media, but I am also a mom. Since I am immersed in the media world, I find myself creating all types of media for use in our home and with my kids.That's why I've dedicated Mondays to posting media I've recently created for personal use and making it available to you.

Whether it's a free printable or some shameless sharing of our latest family video, I hope Media for Moms is something you can enjoy each and every Monday. 


We're heading to Texas next week and facing the longest drive we've done with Henry. He is a CHAMP when we travel to California, but those trips top out at about 6 hrs. This trip will be a whopping 15 hours as we trek to San Antonio, where Justin will presenting some research he and some of his classmates did at the APTA Combined Section meeting (humble brag!) 

Anyway, I am prepping for our trip old school by putting together a pretty extensive road trip playlist and burning it to CDs. These are some of our favorites, and if you happen to like an odd mix of Country, Disney and 90's music then you're in for a real treat! I'll link over to the Youtube playlist for your enjoyment.