Media for Moms on Monday : Faith is like a Seed Activity

Justin and I *try* to make Monday nights a special Family Home Evening. We teach Henry a lesson based on scriptures and usually do a little activity to go with it. Right now we keep it simple, since he doesn't have an hour-long attention span.

This evening we are learning about Faith. We were both taught , growing up, that faith was like a little seed. If you let the seed take root and nurture it, it will grow. Tonight we're planting some veggie and wildflower seeds, doing the finger play below, and going over this handout. Enjoy!

Faith is Like a Seed (Fingerplay)

By Chad E. Phares

1. My faith is like a tiny seed

(Hold thumb and index finger close together.)

2. That is hard for me to see.

(Make circles around eyes with thumbs and index fingers.)

3. But when I read the scriptures

(Open hands in front of self.)

4. Faith grows inside of me.

(Put both hands on chest.)

5. And when I say a prayer

(Fold arms.)

6. I feel it in my heart.

(Put hand on heart.)

7. My seed of faith becomes a tree

(Put hands together above head.)

8. When I do my part.

(Point thumb at self.)