Gorgeous Drone Footage for a Gorgeous Harp Cover

It's been a busy summer for Stories Told Media,  including a unique opportunity to learn from video veteran Rick Fox of Canyon Creek Media whilst filming a four day Pioneer Trek in the Great Outdoors (more about this when our collaborative video is ready for release!)

Amidst trips home and adventures with my camera, I have been working steadily to put together the most awesome Youtube harp cover of all time (if I do say so myself). Justin's Aunt VeeRonna approached us about putting together a music video of her latest arrangement, a cover of "Clocks" by Coldplay, FOREVER ago and after several video recording sessions, hours of editing and meticulous matching-of-strings-plucked-to-notes-heardit's finally finished!

We started on Justin and my birthday,  rough drafted on Veeronna's , and uploaded the final draft on Andy's ( Uncle, Husband, Harp lifter and sound magician extraordinaire) birthday! 
A total of 3 months of work that was so totally worth it .