Video Home Tour : 333 West Atlantic Dr.


  I was both sad and happy to film this home tour for my dear friend Felicia. Sad that she's moving all the way to Utah, but happy to have the chance to film such a gorgeous house.


Her super handy husband put in the GORGEOUS flooring himself (with Felicia's help of course) and seriously, as much as I wish I could say I have done it justice, I have not. You have got to get over there in person to really appreciate the beautiful detailing in the grout. 

In case you were wondering, this spacious and well-planned home is in a great neighborhood with several playground areas. It's also got a Middle School and High School within walking distance and the brand new Police/Fire facility right around the corner.

I LOVE filming home tours because I get to take a peak into the homeowner's unique style and creativity. In Felicia's case, I've had a front row seat and even helped with some of the yard sale finds! Arizona will miss you Hirschfelds!!!