White Tanks Business Connections

When Stories Told was still a decision to be made, a kind mentor advised me to join a networking group. I looked into local BNI chapters and the West Valley Chamber of Commerce, but neither group fit in with where I was at ; a busy mom trying to transition from a day job to a business with meager start up funds. That's when I found White Tanks Business Connections Inc. 

Shameless plug time guys, because this group is great and if you're in the West Valley I want you to know about us. 


I like White Tanks Business Connections Inc. because it is very down to earth. We are a middle sized group who have taken the time to get to know each other. We are serious about our business, but not so serious that you can't stay home if your kids are sick. The price was something that attracted me, a reasonable joining fee that comes right back to you in events, etc. 

I also love that we're very local. We are plain and simple a community of West Valley business people, no catch, no gimmick.

I hate it when every post is a sales pitch, but in this case I have come on to something amazing and I just had to share. 

Come find out what we're all about on Thursday evening at 5:30 at Augie's Sports Grill in Goodyear!