Highlight Video: Gordon Wedding

I am so excited to present you with the finished product! My sister's wedding was gorgeous , albeit a little hectic for me personally.  Together, we decided to make the highlight video a little artsy, with her proverbially "recounting" their wedding story on the piano.

She begins with Clair de Lune, a song that has particular meaning to her. Aimee has always been very close to our Papa , and when she learned Clair de Lune in high school he told her it was his favorite song and that he would like her to play it at his funeral when his time came.  Our papa passed away last March. In order to help him be present with us, Aimee chose Clair de Lune for her Father-Daughter dance. The softness and beauty of the piece was simply too perfect not to include in the video. 

I had a blast getting just a little bit braver and more artistic with this video and I look forward to making each client's video a testament to their individual character just as I tried to do with this one!