Our Christmas Legacy Package

We've got some pretty amazing Christmas specials available, and I wanted to let you know about one in particular. If you're still wondering what to get family, friends, kids and grandkids for Christmas then READ ON!

Our Christmas Legacy Package package includes several priceless products, and I'd like to tell you a little bit about the process and products included in the package. It truly is an amazing deal! 

We'll start by recording your personal history on video. This goes far beyond a family member catching snippets of your stories on his smartphone. As a professional with a degree in Communications and a background in journalism and public information, I am an expert at finding the story and help you tell it in a way that is both timeless and engaging. I will make recording your personal history quick , painless, and even fun!  I will run our recording appointment like a video producer which means I'll be paying attention to every detail, from stray hairs to facts and dates.

We'll also take a photo to give to professional artist, Angela Reichman , who will create a one-of-a-kind penciled portrait . These Legacy Portraits represent a collaboration between Stories Told Media and Angela Reichman Art and I am just so beyond excited about it! Check out a sample of the "penciled portrait" style below, it's Angela's own self portrait, isn't she gorgeous. 

Being a professional video editor allows me to seamlessly incorporate footage of your home, or photos of your family into your video. Because I professionally edit your video, you can make sure the story is told the way you want it to be, you can stop and restart or talk in tangents knowing that I am watching with a professional eye and that you'll get a beautifully cohesive and artistic story post-production. 

Once we've recorded your stories, I take them home and put them together in a way that makes sense, is engaging, and reflects your character. I LOVE personalizing every aspect of you video from the title screen to the DVD labels. I spend hours choosing the perfect background music and fonts

After the 14 day editing period*, you'll receive 20 customized DVD's to give to family and friends and a professionally penciled portrait. In addition, I will give you access to the up to 50 photos I digitize in the production process, and upload your video and photos to the sites of your choice. I'll also put together a short "highlight" video to be shared on social media. 

                       Get 20 DVD's personalized with the photo or graphic of your choice.

                       Get 20 DVD's personalized with the photo or graphic of your choice.

Our package is available for a limited time for just $750. That's only $37.50 per DVD! I have a limited number of California appointments available November 23-28. Arizona Appointments run December 1-10 at $750, and the 10-18* at $1250. 

*Rush editing available for additional charge.